Memories of the past- Leominster Art Association Vol. 2 part 03

As a member since 1967 to this year when it was decided to disband, I just have to share my memories of the Leominster Art Association. I have been going through LAA archives which were turned over to me and this is what I found.

Thanks to Brien, Janet, Jane & to Cindy Peterson (John & Ellie’s niece) for saving

all John & Ellie’s archive albums which I am posting today.

Also thanks to Ron Gerouard who has joined me in digitizing these LAA files.

Enjoy these fond memories and the friends I made.

Vol 2 part 03, Meeting Halls & Misc. Photos (photos are not in order by years. I am posting

as we find them & digitized all for you to enjoy.



Former President 1972 to 1976

PS: I will keep posting on my personnel Facebook page, Leominster Historical Commission Facebook page & our WEB page as I find more memories.

The Leominster Historical Commission has agreed to store all LAA files for

all to see & research.