The following were awarded ribbons at the recent Annual Spring Exhibit held at St. Leo’s Auditorium in Leominster, MA. The show was judged by Jill Pottle, Lauren Szumita, Stephen Jareckie, and Barry Van Dusen.

Special Awards

Claude H. Munson Award: Renee Place, Pears

Mayor’s Award: Patricia Ardinger, Old Mill Street RR Bridge

John Delibero Founder’s Award: Rachel Armington, Witness

Eleanor Delibero Founder’s Award: Becky Parsons, Gabriel

President’s Award: Martha Monroe, The Walk Home

Exhibit Chair’s Award: Ferry Auguste, The Monster Under the Bed


Amateur Watercolor

First: Renee Tamling, Mom and Baby in Stripes

Second: Bonnie Laning Clifton, Hidden in Florence

Third: Timothy Hertel, Waves

HR: Sarah Rucker


Intermediate Watercolor

First: Josephine Wiktorski, Mother and Child

Second: Joan Icker, Inlet Lighthouse

Third: Thelma Brideau, Clematis

HR: Betty Chapman, Untitled #2


Advanced Watercolor

First: Yvonne Hemingway, Signs of Spring #2

Second: Ellen Ruther Donaldson, Back in the Studio

Third: Sally Sargent, Lily’s for Two

HR: Robert Cole, Good Winter

HR: Judith H. Fava, Park Street Diner

HR: Rachel Armington, Tower Hill Angel


Amateur Acrylics

First: Renee Place, Pears

Second: Cindi Peterson, The Color Purple

Third: Diane Stone, Fresh Produce 1


Intermediate Acrylics

First: Martha Webster, Late Afternoon Marsh

Second: Corinne Melanson, Majestic Mountains

Third: Suzanne Landry, Lupines By The Sea

HR: Beverly Fratoni, My Feathered Friend


Advanced Acrylics

First: Carleen Deblois, The East Wind

Second: Cindy Ward, The Shed

Third: Emil LaPointe, Show Me The Way

HR: Arlene Ferrier, Stave Church Norway


Intermediate Oils

First: Clifford Johnson, The Old Town, Shanghai

Second: Renee Place, Bowl

Third: Linnea Romhanyi, Journey


Advanced Oils

First: Arlene Terrier, Wyoming Backyard

Second: Janet Tibert, Lilacs

Third: Cheryl Hughes, Cliff Walk

HR: Mary Dunn: Always Remembered


Special Theme:  Tranquility

First: Brian Beaudoin, Soft Sands

Second: Becky Parsons, Tranquil Pasture

Third: Pauline Pirro, So Peaceful on Long Lake, Maine

HR: Cindy Ward, Quiet Hour


Intermediate Pastels

First: Gail Oswald, Keystone Bridge

Second: Josephine Wiktorski, That Time of Year

Third: Diane Putnam, Nocturne: The Old Mile

HR: Kathleen Kessel, Sippewissett One


Advanced Pastels

First: Elizabeth Roy, Iris

Second: Ann Howe, Picture Perfect Water Day


Advanced Drawing

First: Mary J Dunn, Autumn Light

Second: Jesse Knott, Untitled #1


Advanced Mixed Media

First: Joan Icker, Indigo

Second: Martie Paris, Paris


Advanced Crafts

First: Tammy Bucchino, Contemporary Mi’kmaq Fan

Second; Cindylee Gee, Big Ass Bass

Third: Victor Latek, Flamingo

HR: Thelma Denlinger, Bubba


Advanced Photography

First: James Karis, Hagia Sophia

Second: James T. McKnight, Fay Corsair

Third: Melony Letarte: Prairie Adventure

HR: Rocco Palmieri, Indian Mortar



First: Riley Hess, Psithurism

Second: Ferry Auguste, The Monster Under the Bed

Third: Joseph McLolgan, Bundle of Tools

HR: Ferry Auguste, The Mind of Mine

HR: AJ Marcantona, Spiderweb of Dew

HR: Isabella Song, Portrait of My Sister

HR: Joseph McLolgan, Back Alley